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Vacancies market

Recruitment for clients:

On our clients' behalf we are currently looking for motivated and high-performing specialists and managerial staff for these positions:

Recruitment for candidates:

We also support candidates "en route" to the next stage of their sales career.

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The dawn of the sales age

Sales is the main turnover and value driver in any business - and yours is no exception. Your future profits, jobs and share price are heavily dependent on sales. This situation has intensified through the impact of the Internet.

The fact that better offers are only a click away has had a direct impact on your marketing, distribution and logistics processes - and as a result, on sales in general.

To support you in such keenly competitive times, Wirkung Plus has developed a unique sales-centric business management approach to help maximising your sales.

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Klaus-Henning Groth, Senior Vice President, "Strategic Communication", Bertelsmann Stiftung:

"As a foundation of one of the world's largest media groups, we are particularly careful in selecting our partners. I thank you on behalf of the team very much for your outstanding commitment and your great effort. Our team members..." 

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