The choreography of sales success

Our "W+ Five-Phase Model of Success"


Our „W+ Five-phase model of success“

Systematically repeatable sales successes are inseparably linked to professional-style training, commitment and experience. Over the past decade, we have channelled these hard facts into a unique, methodically sound W+ five-phase model of success.

5 Phases of sales success

We naturally offer all the components as individual modules. But to enjoy sustainable growth we recommend you go for the entire package - a recommendation based on the experience we have gained from over 100 projects.

The W+ five-phase model of success can be downloaded as a PDF file.

We'd also be delighted to answer in person any specific questions on any of these modules. Just give us a ring on +49 40 235 13 08-0 or email c.busch(at)

1. Analysis

Analysis of sales team

Our analysis contains the following points, for example:

  • Operative and strategic sales process
  • Stocktaking and interviews in the field (sales scan)
  • Sales structure (organigram)
  • Customer-oriented organisation, internal processes and interfaces
  • CRM processes
  • Sales strategy
  • Sales management (status quo)

2. Conceptual work

Our conceptual work contains the following points, for example:

  • Aggregation and evaluation of data on the status quo
  • Concrete recommendations for action derived from the analysis findings
  • Writing the "sales score"
  • Coordinating with the client
  • Outcome: Definition of the future solution (selecting and setting milestones)

3. Implementation

Sales training in small group

Our implementation contains the following points, for example:

  • Empowering staff to put the topics into practice (in German and English)
  • High level of practical orientation with a direct business correlation
  • Preparing everything from individual modules to W+ sales programmes
  • Creating one-offs, i.e. training measures, workshops, coaching sessions, in-field measures, sparring rounds and moderation
  • Harmonious integrating the measures into the overall change process
  • Multi-phase implementation (intervals) with practically oriented learning phases

4. Measurement

Our measurement contains the following points, for example:

  • Creating a company-specific cockpit as the main management tool
  • Supporting its launch and consolidation as a management tool
  • Controlling previously developed KPIs
  • Adjusting and supplementing existing measured values
  • Analysing deviations and providing recommendations for action
  • Implementing individual and cross-departmental reviews

5. Consolidation

Successful international sales team

Our consolidation contains the following points, for example:

  • Safeguarding the topics to be lived out in the daily business routine (by management staff as well)
  • Heightening awareness of the risk of forgetting these topics in the hustle and bustle of everyday work
  • Installing regular control routines to maintain process quality (sales test)
  • Implementing additional modules for tailor-made continuation of the relevant content
  • Use of an online academy (e-learning)


Klaus-Henning Groth, Senior Vice President, "Strategic Communication", Bertelsmann Stiftung:


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Stefan Gröner, Vice President BL Rod & Shapes, Aurubis AG:

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W+ Sales Diamond

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Change process

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Sales management

Need a "mixing desk" to manage your sales team?


Wirkung Plus will work with you to develop your very own scoreboard system to professionally manage your sales organisation. This takes place, above all, by analysing your requirements, evaluating your existing...

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