A good producer will get at least 15% more out of a band -

That's exactly how we see our assignment in sales

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About us - The "+" in Wirkung

Successul, happy sales peopleSales is a demanding, multi-layered, holistic composition - not just (as some critics think) "loud or quiet" or "you're either born with it, or not". If you have the right settings, you can noticeably improve your (sales) instruments and the resultant sound (i.e. outcome). This is exactly how we can make your business even more successful:

  • Wirkung Plus specialises in sales-centric business management and is clearly results-oriented
  • We work with our clients to identify the most effective growth levers in sales and implement them at all levels on the basis of resilient concepts
  • Our partners are small and medium-sized enterprises and corporations from more than 20 different industries - with one thing in common: they all want to clearly expand their market position
  • Our aim is to anchor sales as the decisive turnover and value driver in a company and help shape a profitable future

Our experience shows that you definitely can learn and improve sales. To a significant extent it is simply a question of the right inner attitude. Our competence team will help you carry out this demanding change process.

For more than ten years we have been one of the best addresses in this field. A mere coincidence? Find out for yourself! We look forward to hearing from you. Just call +49 40 235 13 08-0 or email s.hase(at)

Management team

Our Management Team is made up entirely of sales specialists with first-class qualifications and years of experience of working in a variety of sales organisations. Over the past ten years at Wirkung Plus, they have passionately added to their extensive know-how through projects in more than 20 different industries and built up trusting working relationships with each other as well as our clients.

Stefan Hase

Managing Director

Born in 1966, Stefan Hase obtained his Management Studies degree in Hamburg. His career began in 1993 with a job in the sales department at Konica Business Machines, subsequently moving into the area of sales coaching before joining TA Triumph-Adler AG in 1997. In his position as head of personnel, his chief responsibilities lay in the area of strategic human resources development for a workforce numbering over 2,500. From 2000 onwards, he simultaneously held a position as managing director of the company-owned coaching institute. In 2004 he established Wirkung Plus.

Living, dealing with people, working in a team, sport, music

What four topics do you associate with “sales-centric business management”?
The ability to differentiate, courage, getting things done, continuity

Phone: +49 40 235 13 08-0 s.hase(at)wirkungplus.deBusiness card


Michael Blohm

Head of Sales Processes

Born in 1958, Michael Blohm received his business training at Tchibo AG and went on to graduate in Management Studies. In 1986 he joined Hamburg Gas Works as a staff consultant, later working with Asche AG in the same capacity. In 1991 he was appointed head of “Staff Development & Training” at Konica Business Machines. He subsequently headed the personnel departments at Berendsohn AG (from 1999) and RA-MICRO Software (from 2001), both of these positions involving responsibility for developing and introducing qualitative human resource instruments. Michael Blohm has been with Wirkung Plus since 2005.

Living, organizing, working in a team, family life, sport

What four topics do you associate with “HR Processes”?
Sincerity, values, pragmatism, openness

Phone: +49 40 235 13 08-0 m.blohm(at)wirkungplus.deBusiness card

Back office

Barbara Böhnert, Team coordinator

Barbara first trained as childcare specialist and worked for several years with handicapped people in a variety of positions, mainly in hospitals. In 1992 she was one of the founding members of a big Hamburg-based care organisation where she was responsible for around 100 employees. After the birth of her children, she switched her focus to retailing where she made a strong impact from 1999 to 2005 and gained a lot of experience in point-of-sale purchasing and sales. Since 2005, she has been successfully coordinating the expanding Wirkung Plus team and is responsible for ensuring that the entire organisation runs smoothly. 

Organising, networking, family and hockey

What four topics do you associate with "coordination"?
Authenticity, flexibility, direct contacts, working with one another

Tel.: +49 40 235 13 08-0b.boehnert(at)wirkungplus.deBusiness card


Lothar Stanka, Head of Sales Business Clients, Süwag Energie AG:

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Heike Clausen, Managing Director, VOTG Tanktainer GmbH:


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W+ Sales Diamond

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(Worldwide) experience

Want your team field-trained by dual-track specialists with years of experience?

Wirkung Plus employs nothing but smart brains combining a first-class education with years of experience in the field, including top management jobs. The sound knowledge...

Keynote speakers

Want a speaker for your next internal or external event?

Wirkung Plus has some of the top speakers in the sales field. Whether it's a speech at your next customer event, a forthcoming product presentation or a congress, we can draw on more than 15 years of sales and management experience...

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Need a moderator for kick-offs, sales meetings or annual conventions, or for internal support in imple-menting demanding internal processes?

Wirkung Plus draws up concepts and moderates the relevant events for numerous clients, including AON and DNV GL. Our many years of experience...

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Stefan Hase
Managing Director


Email: s.hase(at)
Phone: +49 40 235 13 08-0

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