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Six ways to increase your sales significantly in six months


Quick wins: 6 ways to increase your sales significantly in 6 months

Wirkung Plus has established a range of highly efficient measures aiming for fast and lasting changes, which result in a substantial increase in turnover. This is highly important, especially in dynamic change processes, market developments and product launches:

  1. Systematically
  2. Improving a
  3. Activating
  4. Increasing productivity through „par excellence“
  5. Implementing a
  6. Optimising processes and identifying the new type of personnel

As impulse generators, we'll show you how you can significantly improve your sales instruments. We look forward to hearing from you. Just call +49 40 235 13 08-0 or email c.busch(at) Let’s rock!

1. Acquiring new business

EvAcquisition of new customers by telephoneery firm wants new business - all the time. But hardly anybody knows how it works systematically. Even though successful new business activities are vital in a climate of increasingly keen competition. As you read these lines, one of your competitors might well be going for one of your customers.

But who actually enjoys battling for new customers? Isn't it much nicer to deal with your existing customers? We show you a way out of this frequent dilemma and explain how successful new business activities work: Lasting motivation - inner attitudes - convincing lead-ins - defined target groups - practical procedures - positioning your company, and much, much more.

We sharpen your new business claws, show you how a prospect's decision-making processes work and empower your team to act accordingly and effectively. Not just in theory but also in practice - teaching your field force direct.

2. Salesman's success ratio

In recent years there has been a significant shift in the "balance of power" between sales people and customers towards a buyers' market. Nowadays, it is prospects with clearly developed ideas of what they are prepared to pay who dictate what goes on.

This has increasingly undermined the confidence of sales people and created a price complex. As a result, more and more sales deals are basically unproductive. However, the current situation has not fundamentally altered the basic premise that price is determined, among other things, by the behaviour and arguments of the salesman.

Our aim is to work to improve the salesman's basic tool - his ability to sell - with the aim of achieving higher prices and bigger margins. Customers are happy to pay for quality. The only precondition is that, right from the start of a prospective deal, they have to be convinced of the value of the entire product or service on offer. And that is what sales people are frequently very poor at.

Just work out what would happen if every sales deal in the next quarter were 5% higher!

3. Technician's potentials

Sales training of techniciansTechnical support staff are your company's most credible business card. Every customer prefers to ask questions of a technician rather than a salesman when considering a replacement or new investment.

If you can add a sales-oriented facet to your technicians' high credibility and expertise, the returns will be high. Systematically training technicians to become "sales assistants" and intensifying the links to your sales force with the resultant "cross-fertilisation" of ideas will be worth its weight in gold.

The only problem is the technicians' negative attitude to sales. Since technicians are, by nature, lovers of detail and have historically always been more problem- and solution-oriented, there is indeed a huge difference in the mentality of salesmen and technician support staff.

But we have developed a successful module to achieve a lasting improvement in the attitude of technical support staff to sales activities. We can convince your team of the necessity of a more sales-oriented approach by showing them what they can get out of it.

4. Management training

Coach for (sales) executivesEmployees follow the example of their superiors in the way they work. And the example they follow can be good or bad. Numerous appeals from MDs for employees to work harder and perform better bring nothing because of what employees see as the stick-in-the-mud attitude of their superiors.

If you train your managers to pass on their newly gained experience and expertise to their subordinates in a way they can understand, the multiplying factor goes well beyond the direct target group of managers.

If, for example, you train your sales manager, who has six people under him, to be just 3% more efficient, the overall gain for the company can be as much as 18% - providing the sales manager is capable of passing on what he has learned to other people.

We show you how you can make internal multipliers significantly more productive and make them capable of improving the productivity of their subordinates. In this way you ensure that valuable new know-how is passed on to almost everybody in your workforce.

5. Customer-oriented organisation

Every company is paid by its customers. And they are getting more and more demanding. Times have changed. Any mistakes you make nowadays are ruthlessly punished by your customers. Some may well go as far as switching to one of your competitors.

Structure your company the way you'd like to find it if you were the customer. That means much more than just a nice friendly woman at reception - especially if the friendly impression she leaves is immediately negated by the rest of the workforce.

What you need is a structure with clearly defined and efficiently organised areas of responsibility to ensure customers receive the help they need fast, and with friendly, well-trained employees (even the "back-room boys" in administrative or internal service departments) who are readily accessible for customers and fully aware of the importance of good customers relations.

You may be surprised how important a customer-orientated approach and service still are for your customers. If your country isn't renowned for its service mentality, you'll soon see how relatively simple measures can produce a very positive echo - and discover that price (fortunately!) isn't everything.

6. Recruiting

YouRecruiter of sales personnel'd be surprised how many unsuitable personnel are actually recruited - irrespective of the state of the job market. We show you how to recruit nothing but entirely suitable applicants who are as motivated in their everyday work as they were in their interview and ideally fit in with you and your corporate culture.

The fact is that even a seemingly good applicant with a great CV and convincing qualifications may not necessarily prove an ideal fit in your company. The style of play is becoming faster and more flexible in business today. And that means you need a new type of player with those qualities. When you recruit staff in future, you will definitely require a new type of personnel to take your business into a different league.

Precise job specifications, convincingly designed recruitment ads, practically oriented interviews - we can tell you how to identify and acquire this new type of personnel.


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