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The best strategies are useless if there's nobody to professionally put them into practice and proactively live them out. The trouble is that good sales people are like virtuoso musicians - a rare species and difficult to find. That's why nearly all sales organisations are searching desperately for that kind of people. And this war of talents will only intensify in future. This is the reason why we've made recruiting part and parcel of our portfolio, and offer our clients the following services:

We know how the virtuosos and talented people think, where to find them, and most crucially in times of keener competition, how to win them over for your company. Particularly in the sales field where even candidates of average ability have rhetorical skills, this requires a great deal of recruiting know-how. Besides identifying the right personnel, we ensure they are successfully integrated into your company and sales set-up. In this way, you profit from our professional support throughout the recruitment process.

Thanks to our extensive experience we ensure you enjoy the "plus factor in recruiting". We'd be delighted to answer in person any specific questions. Just give us a ring on +49 40 235 13 08-0 or email m.blohm(at)

Sales vacancies

Where are the true pros and talents in sales? On our clients' behalf we are currently looking for motivated and high-performing specialists and managerial staff for the following positions:

Your are a sales pro? You are highly self-motivated? And you need a new and interesting challenge? Then...

You look for a challenging position in sales within a logistics' company? On our client's behalf...

Looking for an interesting position in sales? Our client (near Hamburg) ...

Not found a suitable vacancy? Maybe it's only a matter of time. We'd be delighted to answer in person any specific questions. Just give us a ring on +49 40 235 13 08-0 or email m.blohm(at)

W+ Sales Diamond

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Peter van Teeseling, Dscoop EMEA Director, Digital Solutions Cooperative (Dscoop)

"Stefan has given absolutely interesting insights at our DSCOOP EMEA Conference in Rome, Italy, with more than 700 attendees from all over Europe...

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