True success is always measurable - particularly in sales

Our references? Our clients' successes



Sales coachesOur references are always our clients' successes.
Does it work? Just ask us!

It's no coincidence that we've enjoyed trusting relationships with the vast majority of our clients for many years. But the mere length of these relationships doesn't mean that the fire has gone out of them. On the contrary - we see ourselves as an on-going source of inspiration for our clients.

Besides the quality of our business relationships, it is naturally sales that ultimately count - so your business becomes a permanent feature of the charts, and not just a one-hit wonder.

A selection of our successful collaborations:

If you'd like any more details or any confidential information, please get in touch: m.blohm(at)

Industry expertise

Wirkung Plus has developed tailor-made sales concepts for companies from more than 20 different industries, and implemented them with plenty of passion and quantifiable success. Here are just some of these industries:

Industry expertise of Wirkung PlusWe are dual-track specialists with many years of sales experience – not least in your industry. The complete list of industries we have worked in can be downloaded as a PDF.

W+ Sales Diamond

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(Worldwide) Experience

Want your team field-trained by dual-track specialists with years of experience?

Wirkung Plus employs nothing but smart brains combining a first-class education with years of experience in the field, including top management jobs. The sound knowledge...

Contact person

Your contact person for references:

Michael Blohm
Head of
HR Processes

Email: m.blohm(at)
Phone: +49 40 235 13 08-0


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