Sales directs a company - and what about yours?

Sales centric business management - your decisive value driver


Sales-centric business management – your decisive value driver

Hand with Wirkung Plus GmbH penSales is the main turnover and profit driver of any business. This is the "front line" where key business successes are prepared and put into practice. Your future profits, jobs and share price are heavily dependent on sales.

OK, but wasn't that always the case? NO!

The Internet has led to an irreversible shift in the marketplace. We now have a situation of almost complete global transparency and the beat of business is faster than it ever was. Personal preferences are overridden, better offers only a click away. The new media have also reshaped marketing, distribution and logistics processes. And all these changes have had a direct impact on sales.

IT age followed by the age of sales

This is why Wirkung Plus has developed its sales-centric business management approach in which all areas of a business are geared to the successful, high-margin marketing of products and services. Sales is the focal point of business management and determines the thinking and activities of an entire organisation.

By prioritising this turnover and value driver, we are also re-interpreting traditionally "sales-averse" areas such as production, technology, research and development, and administration. At the same time, it requires us to take control of all these inter-departmental interfaces and processes. In concrete terms, that means developing holistic sales concepts.

To provide you with professional support in these keenly competitive times, we have set up Wirkung Plus as an "impact intensifier" organisation - and our name in German means impact. In our view, sales is not some sub-function of marketing but the main management discipline of the future. And that is why our business model has been systematically positioned around the core growth factor of sales.

W+ Sales Diamond

We have systematically positioned our six business units around the key sales interfaces. Since these individual units - and in particular their efficient interlinking - are so significant for the future development of your business, we call this our W+ Sales Diamond.

diamant Training Human Resources Online Managment Strategy Recruiting Sales

The Training unit at Wirkung Plus ensures that all employees (including administrative and technical staff) are sustainably trained and invigorated in their daily work through individual training measures. In this way, our clients are always one step ahead of the constantly rising demands of the market.

Human Resources
At Wirkung Plus we attach great importance to interpreting the HR field in a sales-oriented manner. Our HR sales approach ensures that management staff are systematically empowered to ensure their subordinates have the necessary skills and consistently exploit your sales potential (i.e. turnover and profit).

The Online unit at Wirkung Plus ensures that digital sales channels with their huge scope efficiently appeal to the relevant target groups and thus sustainably support "conventional" sales; and that the interactive courses developed at our Online Academy enable content to be consolidated and remote training measures carried out irrespective of time and place.

The Sales Management unit at Wirkung Plus ensures the development of an individual cockpit that leads to the transparent, proactive and predictable management of sales processes. The outcome is a clearly defined action catalogue to deal with any deviations of a positive or negative nature.

The Strategy unit at Wirkung Plus ensures that sound market, target-group and business knowledge is condensed into a truly first-class sales story that supports sales in a resilient and sustainable way.

The Recruiting unit at Wirkung Plus searches for and wins over new front men and women for your business - people who will not just administer your existing portfolio but generate genuine added value through their own initiative and loyalty.

Our six business units - , , , , and - have been systematically positioned around the core growth factor of sales.

Three questions about each W+ sales area

Are you exploiting all the sales possibilities your organisation offers? With our W+ Sales Diamond we will help to maximise your success. Just answer the questions (selection) below to check where you stand right now.

We'd also be delighted to answer in person any specific questions on any of these areas. Just give us a ring on +49 40 235 13 08-0 or email s.hase(at)


  1. How do I successfully acquire new customers?
  2. How do I confidently argue the benefits of my products and services?
  3. How do I professionally negotiate prices in the face of aggressive competition?

If you'd like any more information or have any other questions, Stefan Hase will be delighted to help.


    1. What is the relevant market for your business/products/services?
    2. What makes your business special and what differentiating sales parameters have to be developed or intensified?
    3. What market scenarios/trends will sales face in future?

    If you'd like any more information or have any other questions, Michael Nissen will be delighted to help.


    1. What key performance indicators (KPIs) do I need to correctly evaluate and manage my sales organisation?
    2. What input does my sales organisation require if it is to operate successfully?
    3. What turnover will I generate with which customer in the next three months (forecasts and opportunity funnels)?

    If you'd like any more information or have any other questions, Stefan Hase will be delighted to help.


        1. What sales opportunities does the entire online field offer us?
        2. How can I consolidate training successes through an online academy?
        3. What kind of content/topics can be trained online?

        If you'd like any more information or have any other questions, Corinna Busch will be delighted to help.

        Human resources

          1. How can I effectively communicate my business strategy and the objectives derived from it to my staff?
          2. What concrete management guidelines apply to the organisation of your business?
          3. What kind of employees do you need for sales-centric business management?

          If you'd like any more information or have any other questions, Michael Blohm will be delighted to help.


            1. How can I win the war of talents to safeguard my market position (i.e. recruit the kind of winners my competitors would also like to have)?
            2. Is the current structure of your workforce - age, period of employment, performance pyramid - in line with your business objectives?
            3. How high is fluctuation in your business?

            If you'd like any more information or have any other questions, Michael Blohm will be delighted to help.


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            W+ Sales Diamond

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            W+ in 60 seconds

            Want to find out in one minute why it will be worthwhile getting to know us in person?

            As impulse generators, we'll show you how you can significantly improve your sales instruments and your overall sound (i.e. the concrete outcome). So let's rock!

            Facts, figures, data, etc. ...

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            Sales scan

            Need a deep insight into the current status of your sales performance?

            Wirkung Plus offers you precisely the right introductory package. We use systematic field surveys, data analyses and interviews with our experts (about your procedures, opportunity funnel, CRM system, KPIs, etc.) to draw up...

            Sales management

            Need a "mixing desk" to manage your sales team?


            Wirkung Plus will work with you to develop your very own scoreboard system to professionally manage your sales organisation. This takes place, above all, by analysing your requirements, evaluating your existing...

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            Contact person

            Your contact person for sales-centric business management:

            Stefan Hase
            Managing Director

            Email: s.hase(at)
            Phone: +49 40 235 13 08-0

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