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Smarter Sales Stories

Coach for smarter sales storiesWhat does the market think and demand right now? What is the right product at this moment in time? What are the best springboards in a highly competitive market? What convincing arguments can I give my sales staff?

This is precisely where Wirkung Plus can help - with smarter sales stories. An interdisciplinary team of specialists will work with you to draw up an authentic external perspective. This new strategic angle on your business will open up valuable out-of-the-box insights and result in clear, quantifiable successes.

New perspectives in salesSmarter sales stories create:

  • An intelligent, high-quality sales storyline that integrates your B2B and/or B2C customers better and appeals to them more effectively
  • A benefit and performance promise that goes beyond the mere product dimension and thus permits noticeably higher prices
  • A modern representation of the benefits and performances in all sales channels
  • A clear, uniform and understandable basis for very different target groups so that sales, clients, technicians and other employees are transformed into true ambassadors
  • A quantum leap, particularly for technically-oriented companies
  • A powerful platform for internal processes / synergy effects / control of interfaces


For you and with you we will develop new perspectives in sales. We look forward to hearing from you - just call +49 40 235 13 08-0 or email m.nissen(at)


Quick Insight

Sales team during analysisYou get a quick insight at a one-day workshop we organise for you and the key sales players in your business. After a brief analysis of your customer groups and their needs, we will deduce a possible smarter sales story based on specific hypotheses.

But for sustainable success we naturally recommend our deep insight.



Deep Insight

We'd be delighted to provide you with a deep insight implemented in a pragmatic and process-oriented way with a concrete time schedule and milestones. This takes place first through our holistic consideration of companies, the marketplace and the competition; and second through:

  • Online analysis of how people are writing about your business and its products/services on the web
  • Target-performance comparison of your portfolio and target markets
  • Qualified assessment of your existing market data and an inventory of the tools used up to now (sales scan)
  • Definition of growth prospects and proposal for a strategic positioning
  • Definition of management tools and measurability

In this way we work closely with you to develop your very own smarter sales story.

Big team of sales people

We'd be delighted to answer in person any specific questions on any of these modules. Just give us a ring on +49 40 235 13 08-0 or email m.nissen(at)

W+ Sales Diamond

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Sales scan

Need a deep insight into the current status of your sales performance?

Wirkung Plus offers you precisely the right introductory package. We use systematic field surveys, data analyses and interviews with our experts (about your procedures, opportunity funnel, CRM system, KPIs, etc.) to draw up...

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