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Instead ...

We are … We have … We can …

If we started like that, we'd probably be the wrong partner for you!


... some questions ...

Several questions our clients ask us:

  • How can I survive the economic crisis from a sales perspective?
  • How can I systematically win new customers?
  • How can I capitalise on my technicians' high credibility with my customers?


 Who we've given the answers (selection)!



... and three reasons

Why it will be worth your while to invest 60 minutes:

  • Know-how: from 10 years, over 100 projects and 20 industries...
  • Future: sales is the key management discipline, own seminar centres...
  • Security: 10 specialists, three different generations...

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Contact details:

Wirkung Plus GmbH
Maximising your sales
Phone: +49 40 235 13 08-0